Dear reader,

After more than 4 years, it was once again time to create a new website and retire old content and photos. Really all content? No, some of the existing blog posts will be back here later, because the blog is mainly planned for a lot of new stuff made for the following categories:

  • Photography – Drawing with light is the most beautiful form of drawing: contributions from the history of photography.
  • Projects – Contributions about what has been tried and done. Because: After the project is before the project.
  • Travel – I’m off! Posts from near and far, for travellers and home stayers.
  • Tested – Before you commit yourself: Experiences with products of the photo industry.
  • Environment – Care for the blue planet: contributions to nature and environmental issues

And? Does that sound interesting to you? Fine! Then look forward to the next posts. Please understand that not all blog posts will be translated or the translation will be published later. But I will try my best.

See you!